SAFE4 Fire Ductwork System

Smoke And Fire Extract (4 hour tested)

SAFE4 is a 4-hour fire-rated ductwork product designed to be easily installed and provide the end user with a fast, high-quality solution for their client’s requirements.

Why choose SAFE4?
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment (ISO 9001)
  • Tested by Exova Warrington to both British and European Norms.
  • Designed to meet the strictest fire assessment criteria.
  • Does not require any painting or sprays
  • Available insulated (SAFE4i) and uninsulated (SAFE4)
  • Installation certified by Firas 3rd Party Accreditation

The integrity of the system is maintained by the quality components used in construction which gives you, the client, a significant advantage in handling, quality control and speed of delivery.

In a fire you cannot compromise lives, and neither do we.

By using SAFE4 it ensures that you not only meet all current EU standards but much, much more.

ASFP Ireland

SAFE4 – The Complete Solution

Our technical department is at your disposal to walk through the project with you from start to finish.

  • Need a bespoke, high-quality solution?
  • No problem! SAFE4 is manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Need a modern, innovative product?
  • No problem! Benefit from the years of research that has gone into our SAFE4 Flanging System which prevents fire penetration.
  • Need a superior installation?
  • No problem! All installations are carried out by our expert team and are inspected and verified to independent standards.
  • Need fire-certification?
  • No problem! We can offer FIRAS accreditation.

Airforce H&V

The creator of SAFE4 FireDuct

Airforce H&V are a member of the ASFP (The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland) who represent and support the activities of the fire industry in relation to all forms of built in fire protection.

They aim to promote excellence in the design and installation of fire protection products through high quality and technical expertise.

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Airforce H&V

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